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About Ingersoll Tillage Group Inc.

A Powerful Advantage

This is an image of tillage blades in a factory

Producers around the globe who till and plant their soil with Ingersoll products enjoy a powerful and real advantage. Ingersoll disc blades and coulters are proven season after season to improve farm productivity and profitability.

This is an image of the disc storage facility

More producers use Ingersoll discs than any other brand. They are precisely built using complex, highly technical processes to be durable, flexible, and maintain their superb cutting ability.

This is an image of a robot working on a disc

Our North American manufacturing center is the most modern in the industry, on a site that has produced tillage and planting equipment and components for over 100 years. With this proud heritage, we are dedicated to continue providing the very best service to our worldwide customers through innovative products and exceptional support.

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