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Concave Disc Blades

Concave discs are used to pulverize and smooth the soil. Large diameter discs, sometimes called plowing discs, cut deep into the soil and turn it as they go. They're used where extensive soil disturbance is desired and the farmer's goal is to bury the residue from the last crop. The Ingersoll standard line of discs includes plain edge discs, notched edge discs and the new SoilRazor™ disc, all in a variety of sizes and styles. You'll also find special metals, like our new Rollable Boron discs and special surface treatments like the DuraFace. Best of all, because they're made by Ingersoll, you have the assurance that they are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and sharpness and uniformity featuring the best steel formulations in the business.

Ingersoll Express

The Ingersoll Express line of discs features six basic styles of discs for you to choose from. Each one is described in greater detail if you follow the links below.

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