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Rollable Boron Discs

This is an image of a Rollable Boron Disc

A genuine benefit to boron alloy steel is its hardness, and our exclusive boron alloy is as hard as any disc steel made in the world. The only problem with hard steel is that it's almost impossible to roll the edge to a fine sharp edge. Until now. Ingersoll metallurgists have worked tirelessly to develop an alloy with the toughness and durability of boron while maintaining the ability to roll the edge. This means that if you can enjoy the benefits of boron alloy steel and still refresh the disc edge in a roller. Rollable Boron discs are available in the sizes shown below.


This image depicts the Diameter, Thickness, Concavity, and Edge Type of the blades

Legend for table

  • D = Diameter
  • T = Thickness
  • C = Concavity
  • CR = Concavity Radius
  • PN = Part Number
  • W = Weight
D inches D mm T gauge T mm C inches C mm CR PN W lbs W Kg
22 560 1/4" Heavy 6.5 2.5 65 620 10514 27.5 12.5
24 610 1/4" Heavy 6.5 3.1 78 620 10515 33.4 15.2
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