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This is an image of a SoilRebel™ Disc
  • 25 wave concave coulter
  • Made from proprietary boron alloy steel
  • Shallow concavity produces
    • high speed operation
    • less soil smearing
    • reduced compaction
  • Ideal for shallow, high speed vertical tillage applications
  • Aggressive wave profile is ideally designed for sizing and mixing residue with soil


This picture shows the measurements of the SoilRebel

Center holes to fit 1.125"x1.25" square shafts and 1.25" square x 1.5" round shafts Flat center and concave center to fit various disc spool profiles

Legend for table

  • D = Diameter
  • W = Weight
  • PQ = Pack Quantity
D Inches W lbs PQ
20" 17.25 lbs 80 per bolt
22" 21.2 lbs 80 per bolt
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