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This image is a close up of the edge care plus system sharpening a blade

Edge Care Plus®

Disc Sharpening System

With the EdgeCare disc sharpening system Ingersoll disc blades can be reground to factory-approved sharpness, even while mounted on the disc gang. Engineered with the farmer in mind, the EdgeCare system is portable, operates on standard 110 volts, and has a unique design that allows for quick and easy setup to the gang.

Sharpening with standard commercially-available grinding wheels will overheat and damage the disc blade edge leading to breakage in the field. Not so with the patent-pending EdgeCare cold sharpening technology! With EdgeCare your Ingersoll disc blades stay sharp, without compromising factory-approved levels of hardness and ductility. The unique inside ground bevel profile achieved in the sharpening process actually improves the disc's cutting ability in certain applications and does not reduce the diameter of the blade.

This is an image of the edge care plus blade sharpening system
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