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Mission Statement

Quality Policy

We shall strive to achieve Customer Satisfaction for our chosen customers. Our approach utilizes a total quality management philosophy, which involves all employees, suppliers, and customers, in our quest for "Continuous Improvement" of our people, our product, and our processes.

Customer Satisfaction is defined by marketing, sourcing, developing, producing and delivering the highest quality product, offered at a fair price, delivered on time, every time.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the best supplier of world class ground engaging solutions for our chosen customers.

We accomplish this through operational excellence by continuously investing in people, systems, quality, and technology.

Statement of Vision

We will be a World Class Supplier of ground engaging solutions responding to the needs of our chosen customers. We excel in our chosen markets through operational excellence, continuously evolving process improvement and quality.

We nurture and develop our people by empowering them with knowledge, measurement techniques and team building.

We maintain a healthy and safe work environment. We are socially and environmentally responsible. We maintain the disciplines of planning, focus, and structure.

Together we shape our future.

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