Edge Care Plus Video Text Alternative:

Country Music playing throughout
Narration (man’s voice): “Modern farmers must constantly be on the lookout for ways to maximize their productivity and profitability, to stay on the cutting edge of technology and invention.
Visual: Text: Edge Caretm plus by Ingersoll | video  frames: Tiller tilling a field with the edge care blades on the machine
Narration (man’s voice): “ A prime example is genetic engineering of bt plant varieties that have rewritten the book on agronomy.
Visual: video frame: a field of crops | next frame: another type of crop
Narration (man’s voice): “One side effect of genetic engineering is the evolution of plant stock and residue with super human toughness. 
Visual: Tiller – tilling up rough residue –
Narration (man’s voice):” that’s when the Edge Care blade sharpening system steps in to maintain the cutting edge on your tillage equipment.
Visual: video: Man using the Edge Care sharpening system to sharpen the blades on the tiller | Text : ALWAYS Install Lift Lock-Up Stops Before Working On Raised Implements!
Narration (man’s voice):”After an edge care treatment, disk blades can cleanly slice though even the thickest and toughest BT stocks
Visual: Before and after image of a blade sharpened with the edge care plus system – blades are rotated. Text below each image: Before & After
Narration (man’s voice):”To size and incorporate the high density residue from high yielding stands
Visual: Tillage machine in action on a filed
Narration (man’s voice):”Simple to operate, the Edge Care system comes shipped fully assembled and ready to go to work
Visual: Close up shot of the Edge Care Plus system panning back to view the entire equipment
Narration (man’s voice):”Driven by a one half horse power, 110 volt motor drawing only 5 amps, the Edge Care can be powered by any farm / shop tool power outlet
Visual: Edge care system sharpening a single blade close up, transition to the power cord being plugged in to a standard extension cord.
Narration (man’s voice):”The 8 inch diameter, precision, proprietary stone cold sharpens disk blades to a new sharp edge in just minutes, without overheating and weakening the blade.
Visual: Edge Care close up, showing the grinding wheel. A man’s gloved hand rotates the stone in the unit. Next frame – the sharp edge of a blade – next: a measuring tape is brought close to the sharp blade edge, showing the size of about 1/8”
Narration (man’s voice):”A reliable drive wheel turns the blade or gang to assure even sharpening around the entire circumference of blades, without removing them from the machine
Visual: Edge Care close up with a blade being sharpened | panning out to show the gang of blades on the machine and one of them being sharpened.
Narration (man’s voice):”An easy to use timer assures consistent grinding of each blade without unnecessary heat build-up and excess removal of material.
Visual: close up of a Taylor timer with a man’s thumb pressing various buttons.
Narration (man’s voice):”Because the Edge Care grinds an inside bevel on the face of the blade, the edge will effectively cut residue without sacrificing blade thickness, strength or diameter.
Visual: Close up of the sharp edge of a blade just sharpened by the Edge Care system – transition to a rotating blade in action
Narration (man’s voice):”Adjustable and removable handles and controls let you easily position Edge Care in the most congested areas in the centre of the machine or between tillage standards or transport wheels.
Visual: the Edge Care system sharpening a blade on the farm equipment, then moving to various locations on the equipment | a man shown crouched down between the tillage standards adjusting the Edge Care machine position.
Narration (man’s voice):”In more easily accessed areas, controls can be adjusted for the best possible operator control and comfort
Visual: Man making adjustments to the controls of the machine located beside the tillage equipment
Narration (man’s voice):”Returning a sharp edge to your disk blades will lower power requirement and improved tillage tool performance, keeping you on the cutting edge of farming profitability with help from Edge Care. Text: Edge Caretm plus by Ingersoll
Visual: Edge Care being moved in and out of position | Next frame: video of tillage machine in the field | back to the Edge Care system sharpening a tillage blade.
Narration (man’s voice):”The Edge Caretm plus is now equipped with newly designed sharpening wheel.
Visual:Image: Edge Caretm plus machine on a white background with a yellow sharpening wheel. Text: New Sharpening Wheel.