SoilRazor VT Text Alternative:

Title of video: Soil Razor™ VT Video
Music playing
Image: Edge of the soil razor blade
Vocals: (man’s voice): “Ingersoll has created a remarkable disk that’s uniquely designed for vertical tillage”
Music playing
Vocals: (man’s voice): “This disk is specifically engineered to slice and size the toughest residue from today’s crops”
Video: animation of soil razor blade on crop field.
Music playing
Vocals: (man’s voice): “It has a serrated profile that maintains its cutting edge as it wears, providing long lasting service in the field without the need for sharpening”
Image: top section of blade. Text: It has a serrated profile that maintains its edge as it wears
Music playing while animated blade rotating
Vocals: (man’s voice): “It keeps slicing and sizing residue season after season while operating at the higher speeds demanded by vertical tillage…and it’s constructed of proprietary boron alloy steel… to be extremely durable yet flexible”.. “ this amazing disk, is the Ingersoll SoilRazortm VT”
Text visual: It’s the SoilRazortm VT Image of blade profile