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Ingersoll Innovations

This is an image of a RadialRazor Disc


The RadialRazor from Ingersoll features a patented asymmetrical wave pattern allowing the blade to cut progressively at higher speeds with minimum effort, reduced soil stirring and reduced moisture loss.

This is an image of a SoilRazor Disc

SoilRazor™ VT

The SoilRazor's saw-tooth design is extremely well-suited for slicing through tough residue and maintaining its superb cutting ability. It's the breakthrough technology for vertical tillage.

This is an image of a SoilRazor Disc

SoilRazor™ CT

An exciting disc blade that penetrates deep into the soil and performs well in conditions of high residue. With its unique profile, it maintains its cutting ability long after traditional coulters have become dull.

This is an image of ResidueRazor Carbide Cutters


Carbide cutters create an edge five times sharper than ordinary blades.

This is an image of a disc stamped with Earth Metal

Advanced proprietary steel

Ingersoll is the first company to bring boron alloy steel processing technology to NorthAmerica, delivering products with unmatched hardness, flexibility, sharpness and wear resistance.

This is an image of a disc being warped by a testing machine

Unparalleled manufacturing quality

Ingersoll's metal forming and heat treating operations as well as robotic cutting and machining equipment produce strict dimensional control, edge sharpness and wobble tolerances that exceed every OEM specification on the planet.

This is an image of a disc being cooled

Specialized manufacturing processes

Ingersoll's deflection test captured below in stop-action photography shows that the company's manufacturing processes coupled with the properties of its unique steel alloys create discs that are hard and sharp, as well as being flexibile.

This is an image of stacked discs with the perfect edge

A Perfect Edge Every Time

Each Ingersoll disc is precision machined using highly automated edge-turning equipment to create a razor sharp edge. These discs effortlessly slice through genetically engineered corn, soybean and other crop residue.

This is an image of a SoilRebel


This 25 wave concave coulter is ideal for shallow, high speed vertical tillage applications. Its aggressive wave profile is ideally designed for sizing and mixing residue with soil.

This is an image of a Wavy Coulter

VT Wave™

The VT Wave has a 5/8" continuous wave height design that maintains its action as the blade wears. Provides easier soil penetration in tough conditions. Well suited for wide ranging tillage, planting and seeding applications.

This is an image of a Duraface disc

DuraFace™ Discs

Ingersoll's patented DuraFace process yields a surface that contains elements nearly as hard as tungsten carbides which gives DuraFace its wear life, but without the high cost. The result is a disc like nothing you've seen before. It's long lasting and remains sharp.

This is an image of soilripper tillage points

SoilRipper™ Tillage Points

Ingersoll's new SoilRipper tillage points feature a robust design and superior fine grain chromium-carbide steel to withstand the most challenging soil conditions, providing the best overall value choice. Brought to you by the company you can trust for leading quality.

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