Agrisolutions at Commodity Classic

Commodity Classic

Commodity Classic is a Trade Show where companies present their latest technologies, equipment and advancements, while several training seasons take place in order to understand better the latest trends.

Agrisolutions will be present with Bellota, Caden Edge, Ingersoll and Sülberg branded products for tillage, seeding and harvesting.

Ingersoll will present the most innovative wavy disc blades for tillage like SoilRazor (extremely sharp edge to cut the toughest residue), SoilWave (tills the soil without turning it over) or SoilRebel (Ideal for high speed vertical tillage). Part of the large range of seeding discs will also be shown. For the first time, Ingersoll will present a range of sweeps with CADEN EDGE technology. This patented technology consists in a process that infuses Tungsten Carbide into the tillage wear part creating the toughest and most valuable extended life treatment. This technology has been proved to last more than 3 times than standard sweeps and can last up to more than 4,5 times in sandy soil.

Bellota will present some samples of its vast range of tines, especially S tines and Ultra point sweeps, which consist in a reinforced sweeps by the rolling process that strengthen the critical parts to last longer. Bellota will also show the high-quality assemblies made in the US thanks to patented process that guarantees warping and flatness in all assemblies.  
For first time, the last acquisition made by Agrisolutons, Carl Sülberg, will exhibit the range of high-quality forged guards for harvesters, the leading brand in the industry.

Commodity Classics 2020 will be held in San Antonio from February 27 to 29. Come and visit us at booth # 123!